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tiny bedtime story by wirrow

I can’t help but feel so much love for all of you.

When the streets passed by, I closed my eyes and thought my message in my head.

"Oh sweet beloved I am home."

When I returned you opened the dusty curtains. The driveway has never been filled with a vehicle. But who was the owner to this one?

You flew past the stairs and swooped me off the ground. You smiled and cried. Why did we separate?

You set me down and then I saw the abomination. A ring. Thats when “she” stepped outside. Tummy filled with your happiness.

I could not feel my soul. I turned away and did not look back ever again. Didn’t my messages get through your thoughts all these years?

"My beloved I have been hit by realization. I’m in love with you."

Life’s a pain but we still move on.

One day I’ll wake up and think: “I’m in love with you.”

I once thought of you. And it brought a smile to my face.